What are Body-Mind Fractals?

They are special physical exercises that stimulate the brain to move out of stuck states into freedom of choice.

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What are Fractals?


Fractals are patterns that repeat themselves geometrically in nature at an ever expandable scale.  For example the small pinnulets of the fern fern-structure-2have a similar shape to the pinnules and also to the pinna.

Another well known fractal is a pebble thrown into a pool of water which creates concentric, ever-widening circles going out to infinity, also known as the ripple effect.


animal-reflexes-wOur stresses are locked in an area of the brain called the amygdala that sits poised to call our bodies into action in dangerous situations.   Unreleased traumas can live in the amygdala for years inhibiting our natural joy for living and preventing us from fully maturing into our adult capabilities.

Body Mind Fractals are special exercises that work through the body-channel to “unclench” the amygdala that may be braced for self defense so that pent up energies and resources can flow into the more evolved hippocampus area of the brain.

The survival oriented amygdala lives in the eternal moment of NOW and handles only simple life and death questions.

  • Is this a familiar species (or situation) or is it unfamiliar and need to be investigated?
  • Is this something for me to eat?   Will it eat me?  If I fight with it can I win or outrun it?
  • Is this something that I should mate with?

The hippocampus on the other hand has a sense of time and social evaluation.  It can find humor in life and feel the bond of love.

After following the process of Body Mind Fractal exercises, the individual is able to release old traumas and inhibitions. We begin coming at life from a more mature place.  It becomes easier to stand up for ones self and set healthy boundaries instead of living in fear.

A greater joy comes into every area of life.  Richer and deeper level of bonding becomes possible in close relationships and our innate sexuality comes to life.  Anxiety and rage are no longer in the driver’s seat. The result is an unparalleled freedom to live life to the absolute fullest.



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